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Seeking Pandemic Related Stories-PAID

DEADLINE – ASAP see below to submit
** currently seeking CYBER Security (online hacking) stories
Have your zooms or online accounts been hacked during the pandemic?

Describe a cybersecurity scare or incident while working remotely, what happened, when, what did you do, how did you feel and what have you had to do to rectify the situation and protect yourself.

Seeking: Five different people (stories) to be part of a branded content campaign from a well-known technology company in partnership with T Brand Studio, the marketing and advertising arm of the New York Times.
Participants will be asked to share stories about concerns and/or challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The article will pair each person’s story with a technology-based solution from our brand partner.

Usage:  Digital, on the NYT website and the brand’s owned and operated channels (later this fall).

Paid Opportunity: Subjects will be compensated for their (minimal time commitment) participation, $150
which will include phone interviews and requests for photos/images/clips to use in the article.

STORIES (looking for diversity of all kinds, Nationwide):

  1. VOTING: Someone who is trying to figure out how to vote by mail in their state, and they are finding it hard  can’t get in touch with someone who could answer their questions.  Describe your journey and the current status.
  2. SUPPLY CHAIN: Someone who had difficulty accessing something they desperately needed because of a supply chain malfunction. What did you need, why, what were the challenges involved getting it and have you gotten it or  what is the status of the situation?
  3. CYBERSECURITY: Someone who experienced a cybersecurity scare or incident while working remotely.May Not Need Anymore of These Stories:
  4. WORKPLACE: Someone who is going back to their workplace (in shifts or just started going in regularly) telling a story about the considerations they make when returning to work (ie: how crowded their workplace is on certain days, when they’re needed, how much PPE they need, how they’ll keep students or employees safe, etc.).  Describe your work situation, your concerns and plans.
  5. FINANCIAL: Someone who can tell a story about a time they needed to connect with their bank or other financial institution and had difficulty doing so, or someone who had a security concern with their bank or money that was eventually solved.

In order to be considered:
+ Subjects must sign our NDA form and talent release in order to be considered for the campaign.
+ Subjects must be available for phone interviews at mutually agreed upon times, between 9/21 and 9/25.

To Submit please COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING ALONG WITH YOUR STORY, Subject: Pandemic Story to:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • City, State where you live
  • Personal information: married/single/divorced/widowed, kids, pets?
  • Email & Phone #
  • Please attach 1 current photo of yourself (if there are others in the photo, please identify yourself)
  • Social Media – your fb, linked in, tiktok IG links or profiles if public
  • Story:  please reference which # story and please explain in detail
  • Any additional information you would like us to know

Thank you, we look forward to hearing your stories!

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